Free Google Reviews

When people want or need something, they turn to Google for answers. Where to eat? What is the best gift for your loved one? Where can I get the best massage service? These queries are then answered by customer reviews on Google. With the search engine’s efficient algorithm, it churns out the best-rated and most popular results online. The person can simply click the top results to get what they’re looking for.

Hence, collecting online reviews has become the new trend in digital marketing strategy that businesses are employing these days. If you want your business to belong in the top search results and increase your conversion rates, it’s time to get 5-star Google ratings. Get your first free Google reviews from UpReview!

Why Choose Our Services?

UpReview has built its reputation by helping to boost the ratings of businesses, both big and small. Learn how to get free Google reviews from us and experience these benefits.

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Fake reviews will hurt your brand’s reputation. The best way to build it up is by collecting reviews of positive experiences from your happy customers. Only get authentic reviews when you choose UpReview.

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Get Free Google Reviews to See How They Work

Reading other customers’ positive reviews greatly affects the purchasing decisions of potential customers. That is why we’re giving out free Google reviews to new clients! Observe how these 5-star ratings attract more customers to your brand.

To garner a steady stream of 5-star Google reviews, you can avail of our Advanced subscription of 14 reviews at just $49 per week. That saves you $7 each week! Want even more savings? Subscribe to our Professional plan and save $15 per week!

How to Get Free Google Reviews?

Get Google reviews for free when you visit our site! Follow these simple steps to jumpstart your brand’s journey.

  1. Visit UpReview’s homepage. Look out for our special offer in a pop-up window.
  2. Fill out the form. Enter your name, contact number, email address, and the link to your Google Business Profile.

Click ‘Get My Free Review.’ Then wait for the 5-star review to appear on your page.