14 Facebook Reviews Advanced (Weekly)

$6.00 / week

Online review sites heavily influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. This means favorable reviews will put a business at the top of the game. Facebook, a social networking-cum-review site, has become a reliable source of authentic customer experience.

Facebook’s business pages feature a customer feedback section that lets clients tell other users whether the brand is commendable or not. Fill your ratings with 5-star comments when you buy Facebook reviews from UpReview. Get fourteen (14) stellar ratings every week with our Advanced plan, which is perfect for budding businesses.


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Increased Visibility

When people see a 5-star rating in the search results, they are more likely to click and visit that page. Greatness is like a magnet for the eyes. Watch your online reviews improve your visibility through search engine optimization.

Higher Conversion Rate

All your Facebook page visitors are potential customers. So, when you get a lot of clicks and page visits, the higher your chances of converting those to sales. Positive experiences from happy customers are sure to attract other consumers.

Strong Online Reputation

Poor reviews can be detrimental to your business. But don’t let them affect your reputation. By having a higher percentage of positive reviews, you are assured of a strong reputation that can withstand even those fake reviews.