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We contact consumers in your area and ask them about experience with companies in your industry, have positive thing to say, we send them a link your listing to leave 5 star review.


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Client Experiences

What would reviews company with their own reviews? We’ve helped thousands of local businesses from dozens industries improve their ratings

UpReviews has helped our restaurant go from 4.2 to 4.8  stars on Google Maps in a matter of a few short weeks, nearly DOUBLING the amount of customers we get from Google Maps!

Reza M

Owner, Wulf Burger

Our Salon’s Facebook page only had 3 reviews, but after a few months of using UpReview, we had hundreds of reviews, bringing a much more established and professional presence!

Mary L

Owner, Beauty by Mary

We needed to show Trust Pilot reviews on our website, but we had 0 reviews when we first started with UpReview. Now we have over 2,000! Our website now instills confidence to all potential customers.

Paul J

Owner, Software Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work Exactly?

Once you provide your business listing URL, whether on Google, Facebook, or Trust Pilot, we go to work on contacting your customers, social media followers, and potential customers in your area to come and leave a review on the link you provided. All your reviews are written by real people about your products and/or services.

Is It Safe to Purchase our Online Reviews?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy reviews for website from us. It is legal and common practice to request reviews from customers of an establishment or online retailer. We just do the legwork for you. Meanwhile, you can focus on running your business, knowing that you are in safe hands.

I Just Signed Up, Now What?

Your part is done! Once you have subscribed, our account managers will go to work building lists from your social media followers, website visitors, and more to invite them to leave a review based on their past experience with your company. All your reviews are written by real people about your products and/or services.

Can I Cancel Any Time?

Of course. In your account area, go to subscriptions, click into your active subscrition and press “cancel”. Once you’ve done this, your subscription will be canceled and you will no longer be charged.

Why Is It Necessary to Buy Positive Reviews?

Every consumer wants value for their money. To this end, they aim to choose the best among all the online retailers while only paying the least for it. But, instead of finding out by trial and error which one is the best, a process that can be costly, people can just do their research first. An easy and convenient way to get decisive information.

Consumers find out which brand is the best by reading honest reviews online written by other customers. With just a few taps, they can immediately pull up reviews about a brand from Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot. These reviews are based on customers’ real experiences with a particular product or service. They find the author trustworthy and the review helpful.

As a business owner, 5-star reviews are badges of honor for your excellent products and services. It heralds a good reputation for your business, which will drive more clients to come to you. So, businesses create a webpage for their brand where they can receive these ratings.

Simply having an online presence does not immediately translate to getting positive online reviews, though. Not a lot of customers spend their time writing a review.  For some, leaving a rating did not even cross their minds. Other competitors in the field may also try to sabotage your business by leaving negative reviews on your page.

The lack of a good rating is not necessarily a reflection of your brand. Many factors are at play as to why you may not be getting the rating you deserve. That is why a lot of businesses opt to buy positive reviews online.

Not sure if it is safe to buy reviews for your business? Let us reassure you.

Why Choose Our Services?

REAL 5-star reviews

When you buy reviews from us, we guarantee that you will be getting authentic reviews from real customers you’ve had. Positive comments left by happy customers are sure to convince other people to avail of your products or services.

Cheapest service

You can scour the internet for similar services and we can guarantee that our prices are among the cheapest. Get quality ratings for less with UpReview.

No hidden fees

Choose any of our affordable plans and proceed to our secure checkout. You will only be billed the amount of the plan you chose. No hidden charges because transparency is an excellent foundation for trust.


Our business model works within the legal parameters of the law. We do not coerce or generate fake reviews.

Cancel any time

Easily stop your weekly subscription with a click of the ‘Cancel’ button on your account page. You will no longer be charged for the next cycle.

Get a free 5-star review

For a limited time only, we are giving away a 5-star rating on your business page for free!

How Our Online Reviews Can Help Your Business?

Buying reviews from us will help jumpstart your business’ reputation. If potential customers see a huge number of 5-star reviews on your page, they will be reassured that you provide great products and/or services. Thus, expect a lot of new customers to purchase from businesses like yours with tons of positive reviews. A customer likes nothing more than to be sure that they will be served well.

Worried about negative reviews?

If bad reviews are just a few and far between, people tend to overlook them in favor of the numerous 5-star reviews you already have. In addition to that, as long as you respond constructively to negative feedback, people will assume that you are working on improving your product or service. Hence, they can expect better service in the future.

Why Do People Believe Positive Online Reviews from Us?

Consumers trust the judgment of other customers because they have similar objectives – to get the most of their money’s worth. With that in mind, they will believe what people write in the comments and ratings of businesses.

Reviews from us are non-different from other customers’ reviews. They come from clients who have had an experience with your business. They were not coerced into leaving a positive review. What they write is also an honest rating of your brand.

Therefore, there is no need to feel guilty when you buy product reviews. They are just as valid as other reviews. So, wear your 5-star rating proudly as social proof of your success.

How to Purchase Online Reviews from Us?

Purchasing reviews on our website is easy. Follow these steps to start building your business.

  1. Select which plan you want. You may opt to buy reviews online for a one-time payment package or subscribe to a weekly plan that saves you money.
  2. Click the ‘Buy Reviews / Get Reviews’ button. Clicking this button will land you on our checkout page.
  3. Fill out the form. Provide pertinent information and your business link.
  4. Choose your payment method. Enter your payment details.
  5. Check the terms and conditions box. Tick the box to agree with our terms to proceed.
  6. Click the ‘Sign up now’ button. After signing up, a designated account manager will contact you shortly.

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